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our instruments

   The musical direction is entrusted to Ignazio Lombardo, Roberto Piccione Pipitone, Vincenzo Piccione Pipitone, Vincenzo Marchese, Francesco Genna, Ivan Gabriele, Christian Gabriele, Francesco Di Bernardo, and Daniele Fontana.

   Since the 13th of November 2009 the instrumental part of the group is the typical Sicilian one and is composed by:

  • BUMMULO: A breath instrument, constituted by a clay pitcher decorated with varied colours, that blowing inside it returns a low sound and it creates accompaniment, anciently used as a container of water or wine;

  • ACCORDION: Musical instrument in which the sounds are produced of the vibrations on one serial of ance, provocated from one current of air from a blow regulated from a key system;

  • WHISTLE: Orchestrate breath to form a pipe, realized by hand with a piece of reed seasoned;

  • MARRANZANU: A strange form instrument built in beaten iron to form of lira with a metallic tongue to the center that is waved and through the mouth that constitutes an acoustic box, it create a typical sound;

  • TAMBOURINE: Orchestrate instrument to percussion realized with curved wood, covered by a skin of animal, similar to the drum but of reduced dimensions and with saucers in metal and ribbons to the edge decorated by hand, moving them produce a sound that contribute to create a moment of feast;

  • DRUM: Percussion instrument in wood and animal skin anciently preceded the "abbanniatine" or the announcement;

  • GUITAR: String instrument with six classic strings. The six strings guitar is a type of guitar used for the execution of classical and folk music. The shape of the guitar is of the second half of the nineteenth.