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Folk Festival "Children Of The World"

photo gallery of "the Young Picciotti di Matarò"

    With the scope of handing down our traditions to kids, the group "I PICCIOTTI DI MATARO’" on april 2010 founded a group of children called "I PICCOLI PICCIOTTI DI MATARO’" formed by 27 children starting from the age of 4 up to 12 years, all full of energy, passionated and with a desire to do as much as possible.


    The costume is composed by a gilet called "gilleccu" with knickers that still show traces of the Spanish domination, with side vents slightly covering the hand-made cotton knee socks, red bow and red band at the waist.


    The girl's costume is composed by a large, curled on the sides, "damask" red coloured cotton skirt. On the front of the skirt a narrow and long smock of white lace called "fantale". A shirt of white cotton and on the waist a black "corset" laced in front by a golden cord.
    The hair tied by a "tuppo" (nape) with little red flowers, to show up and exploit the little face.

    THE CHILDREN GROUP is accompanied by the musical direction of our masters "Picciotti di Mataro’"

    The instrumental part of the group is so composed:   
  • N° 3 accordions
  • N° 2 tambourine
  • N° 2 friscaletti (whistles)
  • N° 1 drum
  • N° 1 marranzanu
  • N° 2 guitars
  • N° 1 bummulo (clay pitcher)

  • Si maritau rosa
  • Ciuri Ciuri
  • Sicilia mia Sicilia
  • Vitti una Crozza
  • l’Addruzzo
  • Abballati Abballati
  • U sciccareddru
  • Ciuri di primavera
  • La Tarantola
  • A’ la vigna


    The DANCES are all "TARANTELLE" and are typical traditional dances of our land, studied, prepared and taken care of by our female artistic direction.
  • La cuntradanza (directed by Mrs.Scarpitta Roberta)

    The group "I Piccoli Picciotti di Mataro’" has partecipated to:
  • 26 May 2010 Feast Maria SS. delle Grazie - Marsala - (Show on the stand)
  • 18 August 2010 White Night in Marsala – Parade through the town streets
  • 9 October 2010 3rd REVIEW OF SICILIAN FOLK-LORE “Saperi e sapori di…..Matarocco” MARSALA - Show on the stand
  • 10 October 2010 3rd REVIEW OF SICILIAN FOLK-LORE in Marsala – Parade through the town streets with folk groups and sicilian hand-carts
  • 12 December 2010 Sagra della Cuccia - Marsala
  • 6 February 2011 Folk Festival "Children Of The World" in Agrigento – Parade through the town streets with other children folk groups and show on the stand
  • 16 March 2011 Notte Tricolore in Marsala - During the celebrations of the 150 years of Italian Unification parade through the historical centre of the city and show on the stand
  • 7-8 August 2011 1st International Folk Festival in Marsala
  • march 2013 festival "de li Schetti" in Terrasini (PA)
  • 15 december 2013 "Sagra della Cuccia" in Marsala

    The group is a member of FAFIT (Federazione Associazioni Folkloriche Italiane)

    THE MUSICAL DIRECTION       is entrusted to the masters Francesco Genna, Daniele Fontana e Ivan Gabriele.

    the artistic directors       are Antonella Nuccio, Francesco Di Bernardo and Antonietta Bonomo.

    The Group's Chairman and Responsible      is Mr. GABRIELE MASSIMO